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Ready to step up your tech game? Want to part ways with your old computer hassle-free?

Look no further than our seamless part exchange service!

Trade in your old PC, Part-exchange your computer.

Selling your old PC has never been more convenient!

At Andromeda PC Gaming, we simplify the process of parting ways with your old computer.

Online computer sales can often be time-consuming and frustrating, but with Andromeda PC Gaming, we make it effortless and streamlined.

We accept all types of PCs, ranging from light gaming computers to high-end powerhouses.

To determine the value of your PC, please email us your specifications and images of your current computer at

How do we calculate your part exchange value?

We utilize data compiled by eBay regarding the average final auction prices of each component of your computer, sold within the last three months.

The value of each component is then aggregated, and we offer between 55% to 70% of the total value, depending on the condition of your hardware.

If you are satisfied with the offered price, we will provide you with guidance on the next steps.

Please note that location restrictions can apply



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