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Antec C8 Black

  • Seamless front and left tempered glass side panel
  • Full metal mesh design on the top and right side panel
  • Side panels could be removed without top panel removed first
  • Ample width to perfectly support wider 40-series graphics cards
  • Mesh at the bottom provides great air intake
  • Stylish power supply bracket design
  • Pre-installed with four velcro straps for easy cable routing

Vertical Cooling

Can accommodate three 140mm or two 160mm fans each on top and bottom for efficient GPU cooling.

Dual Chamber

Independent cooling for CPU/GPU on the left side & PSU/Drives on the right side.

Best Cooling Design
  • Support 360mm radiators on top, bottom and side simultaneously for liquid cooling.
  • Up to 10 fans simultaneously.
  • Supports 2 x 160mm fans on top / 2 x 160mm fans on bottom / 1 x 140mm at rear.

Bottom Fan Configuration

Comes with interchangeable fan brackets to cater to fans of different sizes.

Air Intake and Dust Filter

Top: Full mesh panel.
Right side: Full mesh panel.
Bottom: Full-sized pull-out dust filter.

Quick-Release Design

Assembly and maintenance are simplified with toolless quick-release panels on the front, top, and sides, streamlining the PC building process.

Graphics Cards Installation
  • Provides ample width to perfectly support wider RTX40 series GPU.
  • Supports vertical GPU riser cable after removal.
  • Features 8 reusable PCIe slot covers.
  • Vertical Graphics Card Installation.

Power Supply Installation
  • Stylish PSU bracket with rubber pad to prevent scratch
  • Vast room to house power supplies up to 210mm in length
  • Support side-interface power supplies

I/O Panel
  • Mainstream Type-C (10Gbps) port for high-speed transmission.
  • Dust plugs for dust prevention.
  • Mic/Audio 2-in-1 port.

Modular Drive Trays

Supports up to 6 drives: 2*3.5" HDD & 4*2.5" SSD


Antec C8 Gaming Case w/ Glass Side & Front, E-ATX, Dual Chamber, Mesh Panels,...

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