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Antec CX700 RGB Elite Gaming Case White


Antec CX700 RGB Gaming Case

  • Panoramic 270° View
  • Tool-Free Panels
  • Bottom up airflow via lower front, lower left & right mesh
  • Simultaneous support for 360mm radiator on top and 240mm radiator on side
  • EVA anti-vibration foam on PSU mount
  • Reusable PCI slot covers
  • Pre-Installed 6 x 120mm Fixed Mode RGB Fans
Panoramic 270° View

Standing out with full-view design on the seamless 4mm steel-tempered glass, CX700 RGB ELITE's left and front panel offer an unobstructed view of your build, creating a stunning showcase for your components.
Vertical Cooling with Massive Air Intake

Bottom-up vertical airflow via mesh on lower front, lower left, and right side accelerates the heat dissipation.
Tool-Free Panels

Front and side panel adopt fixing stud design, which makes assembly and disassembly easier and helps avoid possible glass breakage.
Support 2 x Water Cooler

Support simultaneous installation of 360mm radiator on top and 240mm radiator on side.
When installing a 240mm radiator on the side, the length of the graphics card is limited to 270mm.
Full Reusable PCI Slot Covers

Reusable PCI slot covers fulfill an optimal build experience.
EVA PSU Cushion Pads

With EVA anti-vibration foams on the power supply mount position, your lovely PC hardware is well protected against any jar or resonance caused by PSU operation.
More Space Than You Think

Still plenty of room for heat dissipation between the thick RTX 40 graphics card and PSU shroud fans.
Ample Cable Management Space

23mm of cable management space enusres your PC build looks neat.

Antec CX700 RGB Elite Gaming Case White

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