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Gamemax Sigma 550 White ARGB 200W


Key Features

  • High-Performance Cooling - Thanks to the design and innovations of the Sigma 550, it can tackle a massive amount of heat. It has a total TDP of 220W and with no compromise on silence or performance for overclocked systems and the most demanding graphics applications. Efficiently dissipating 220W of heat this allows your PC to keep up with the most demanding processors.

  • 3.0 Heat Pipe Direct Contact - The base of the Sigma 550 adopts H.D.T 3.0 heat pipe direct contact technology which effectively combines the heat pipe with the base and quickly takes away the CPU heat through the direct contact between the bottom heat pipes and the CPU, heat dissipation is more efficient.

  • 120mm ARGB PWM Infinity CPU Fan - Exhausting the heat from this unit is a 120mm PWM ARGB fan which is equipped with a hydraulic bearing, this fan has great longevity and ensures high speed operation and quieter performance overall. It operates between 800 and 1800RPM, with a maximum airflow of 58.96CFM. Whats more, the maximum noise level is just 32.5dBA, for quieter cooling even at top speeds.

  • Narrow Fan Frame Design - The narrow fan frame has a simple design and the distance between the fan blades and the fan frame is shorter which makes it more conductive for gathering airflow.

  • Noise Reduction Textured Design - The fan blades adopt a supercharged and noise-reducing textured design, operating a low noise and efficient heat dissipation.

  • Stunning Aesthetics - Stand out thanks to mesmerising infinity mirror LED ring effect on the fans and top cover you will not be able to take your eyes off it. The Sigma 550 gives your PC a futuristic look and adds visual flair to your set up.

  • Motherboard Software - The ARGB lighting effects can be synced through the Motherboard which supports ARGB function, 5V 3-Pin Addressable RGB header, including ASUS AURA, MSI Mystic Light, Gigabyte Fusion 2.0 & ASRock. Customise the look with endless possibilities with 16.7 million static modes and 12 pre-set lighting effects.

  • Anti-Vibration Pads - The 120mm cooling fan is equipped with anti-vibration pads that effectively reduce the vibration and noise generated by the radiator during operation.

  • 5 x 6mm Heat Pipes - Including 5 x 6mm direct contact heat pipes made of copper to accelerate the heat conduction through the entire heat pipes. This guarantees heat to be transferred quickly and efficiently throughout the aluminium heatsink, excellent thermal conductivity for the perfect cooling performance.

  • Aluminium Heatsink - The heatsink is made using 44 pieces of aluminium fins, the fins are arranged equidistantly ensures minimum airflow resistance and with excellent ventilation and heat conduction this allows a high volume of cool air to flow through the heatsink.
  • Gamemax Sigma 550 White ARGB 200W


  • White Design - The GameMax Sigma 550 white is white from top to bottom, featuring a white coated heatsink, white anti-vibration pads and touch of ARGB. It's perfect for all-white PCs and gaming set-ups.

  • Intel Compatibility - Capable of handling intel high-end CPUs (Intel 13th Gen) Intel Socket LGA115X Intel LGA1200 / Intel LGA1366 / Intel LGA1700.

  • AMD Compatibility - Capable of handling AMD high-end CPUs (AM5) AMD Socket AM4 / AM5.

Gamemax Sigma 550 White ARGB 200W

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