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  • Ionz KZ10 is a Mini Tower Micro ATX PC gaming Case with a Mesh front for maximum airflow keeping your system running smoothly through those intensive gaming sessions


  • The left side comes with a removable Glass panel to allow the user to show off their build and easily makes changes to get the perfect set up The Tempered Glass in the Case has protective Film, Inside and Out. This Film protects the Glass during shipping and must be removed prior to use.


  • The internals make it quick and easy to build a stunning PC with easy cable management and routing options for an elegant clean build


  • The top includes a vented panel helping maximise overall performance

Ionz KZ10B Black Case

    • 3 Fitted Rainbow Fans -control colour on reset switch
    • Supports Micro ATX Motherboards
    • Airflow Front Mesh Panel, Can Fit up to 7 fans in total
    • Can fit up to a 330 mm VGA Card or a 175 mm CPU Cooler
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