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CPU: Ryzen 5 4500

Cooler: Stock

Motherboard: AsRock A520-HVS

RAM: 16GB Adata Gammix DDR4 3200Mhz

SSD: 1TB Adata Legend 800 NVME M.2 PCIE4

PSU: 500W CiT Bronze PSU

GPU: AsRock RX 6600 8GB

Case: CiT Vento Black

Operating System: Windows 11 Pro Installed and Activated


Additional Information


Bios Updated: 3.40 CURRENT AS OF 09/05/2024

XMP/EXPO: Enabled

Re-Size Bar: Enabled

ARGB: Case controlled


Introducing the Ryzen 5 4500 RX 6600 Gaming PC, equipped with powerful components to elevate your gaming experience.


The Ryzen 5 4500 CPU, along with the AsRock RX 6600 8GB GPU, ensures smooth and responsive gameplay, while the 16GB Adata Gammix DDR4 RAM provides ample memory for multitasking.


The 1TB Adata Legend 800 NVME M.2 PCIE4 SSD offers lightning-fast storage, and the 500W CiT Bronze PSU ensures reliable power delivery.


The AsRock A520-HVS motherboard and CiT Vento Black case provide a sturdy foundation for your gaming rig, and the pre-installed and activated Windows 11 Pro operating system means you can dive into your favorite games right out of the box.


Get ready to take your gaming to the next level with the Ryzen 5 4500 RX 6600 Gaming PC.


Additional Information:


Recommended Resolutions: 1080P


Contact Us: For more details or inquiries, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, our website chat assistant or connect with us through our Facebook page, Andromeda PC Gaming.

Ryzen 5 4500 RX 6600 Gaming PC 16GB 1TB NVME Windows 11

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