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  • 【Better cooling】 Water block with full copper mirror plane base + 240 specification black aluminum fin cold plate + high polymer woven protective water pipe + standard 120mm ARGB fan to create low resistance, high cooling, low Evaporative, long-life integrated water-cooled cooler.


  • 【ARGB God Light Synchronization】 The ARGB of the pwm fan and the water-cooling head is synchronized with the 5V 3pin on the motherboard, 1600W color soft light effect, efficient cooling while providing rich lighting effects (creating a dazzling light world), supporting lighting effects Connect in series to avoid insufficient light slots.


  • 【High-performance cold head】 Using high-quality copper bottom with 0.1mm spacing, plus aluminum alloy cover and high-strength acrylic top cover, using mirror plating and reflection process to create an exclusive pump head, the life of the water-cooling head is up to 40,000 hours, and the speed is up to 5300RPM±10 %, which ensures long-term, excellent cooling of the CPU.


  • 【3 PWM fans】TL-E12B-S balanced fan×3, the speed can reach 2000RPM±10%, the size is 120*120*25mm, the noise is≤27.7DBA, the interface: 4pin PWM, the wind pressure: 2.87mmH2O(MAX), Air volume: 72.37CFM (MAX), S-FDB V2 bearing can solve the problem of fan chattering in hoisting mode, with PWM and ARGB functions, can automatically adjust the speed according to the CPU temperature, can provide strong airflow and lower noise, ARGB Light color can be adjusted manually.


  • 【Compatibility Extensive】Support Intel: LGA 1150/1151/1155/1156/1200/1700/2011/2066; AMD: AM4/AM5/AM2/AM2+/AM3/AM3+/FM1/FM2/FM2+, the cpu water cooler with dual platform full Metal black buckle, easy to install, can be well installed on the corresponding CPU platform, the chassis width is recommended to be greater than 250mm.

Thermalright Frozen Notte 360 BLACK ARGB

Sales Tax Included
  • Product dimensions 25L x 120W x 120H millimetres
    Brand Thermalright
    Power connector type 4-Pin
    Voltage 12 Volts (DC)
    Wattage 1600 watts
    Cooling method Water
    Compatible devices Desktop
    Noise level 27.7 dB
    Material Aluminium
    Maximum rotational speed 2000 RPM
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