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Thermaltake Ceres 300 TG Midi Tower Black


Design of the supported motherboards.

ATX, EATX, micro ATX, Mini-ITX


Number of 3.5" bays
A drive bay is a standard-area for adding hardware to a computer. Most drive bays are fixed to the inside of a case, but some can be removed. A 3.5" drive bay is for floppy disks.
Number of 2.5" bays
Number of expansion slots
Side window
A side window is a transparent side (or part of side) in a housing which enables you to see the internal space of the device.
The device has illumination.
Illumination colour
The colour of the illumination, which is the light which allows you to see the display etc. clearly.
Illumination location
Case fans
Tempered glass panel(s)
Anti-dust filter
Cable management
Description of improved cable management
On/off button
Maximum CPU cooler height
18.5 cm
Maximum graphics card length
42.5 cm
Maximum PSU length
22 cm

Thermaltake Ceres 300 TG Midi Tower Black

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