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2 year warranty on all new hardware

Introducing Andromeda PC Gaming Warranty Scheme
Welcome to Andromeda PC Gaming, your destination for refurbished and newly built PCs catering to all budgets. Our commitment is to provide high-quality computers that meet your gaming needs. Here is our comprehensive warranty scheme:

Refurbished PCs:

All refurbished PCs at Andromeda are meticulously built in our Andromeda Lab, ensuring the highest quality standards. Each PC undergoes rigorous stress testing and benchmarking to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Power Supply:

To guarantee reliable power delivery, every refurbished gaming PC includes a brand-new power supply unit; Excluding Part-Exchanged systems, This ensures stable performance and protects your PC from power-related issues.

Warranty Coverage Refurbished:

All refurbished PCs come with a minimum of 3 months warranty for any item refurbished in-house. This warranty covers any hardware issues that may arise during the specified period.

For new components integrated into refurbished PCs, we offer a 2 year warranty. This warranty provides coverage for any faults or defects in the new components for the first year, second year is labour only.

In case of a faulty component, we will promptly send you a replacement to ensure minimal downtime and uninterrupted gaming experience. Our support team is readily available to assist you throughout the process.

Warranty Coverage New:

All new pre-built PCs come with a comprehensive 2 year warranty, providing you with complete peace of mind. This warranty covers any hardware defects that may occur during the two years of usage.

First year parts & labour and second year labour only.

Under this warranty, we offer free repair of hardware or a one-time replacement of any faulty component. Our dedicated support team will guide you through the process and ensure a seamless resolution.
Warranty Coverage Explained:

In the case of a faulty component, the item will be sent back to our suppliers, they will inspect the item and determine if a warranty claim is valid, if the claim is successful you will be issued a replacement item.  

Andromeda PC Gaming reserves the right to reject a warranty claim if it is determined that the item has been tampered with, modified, or replaced with another faulty product. This ensures that the warranty policy is not misused or abused.

Our 2 year warranty coverage extends to the hardware components specified in the purchased PC. Software-related issues, including operating systems and applications, are not covered under our warranty policy. However, we provide limited software support to assist you in resolving any software-related queries or compatibility issues.

It is important to operate your PC within the specified limits and adhere to the guidelines provided to maintain the warranty coverage.
Our warranty does not cover accidental or water damage, damage caused by improper hardware installation or removal, or damage resulting from cleaning. We recommend following the provided guidelines for hardware maintenance and handling.

We hope this addition provides the necessary information regarding the right to reject a warranty claim.


2 Year Warranty on all systems containing new hardware, 1st year parts & labour, 2nd year labour only.
3 Month Warranty on used or refurbished hardware, covers parts and labour.

The 2 year warranty and 3 month warranty only extends to faulty hardware, Software issues are not included.


Overclocking your CPU or GPU will void the 2 year warranty. It is important to operate your PC within the specified limits to maintain the warranty coverage.

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